Gifts-mining at Starfire

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People have probably heard of the concept of data-mining–the practice of inventorying particular defined indicators for an intended purpose. Well, identifying Gifts is not just a feel-good thing to do. Gifts-mining is the intentional and structured way of discovering what people are … Continue reading

Asset-Based approach to building organizations

Asset Based Approach - Cover

Asset-Based approach to building organizations   Some new thoughts based off of my collaboration with communities and organizations…..   The few basic premises that form the foundational principles are: Communities/Organizations can do more by having an ASSETS-based approach rather than … Continue reading

6 Conversations that Matter (Peter Block)

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   6 Conversations that Matter™ (Peter Block’s leadership language in action)    Power of Narrative Empire Peter wove in the work of scripture scholar Dr. Walter Brueggman around the archetypal narrative of the Pharoah.  Modern day society resembles the form … Continue reading

The Genius of BOTH/AND Thinking (Polarity Thinking learning community)

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This will be my REFLECTION JOURNEY. It’s been a couple of weeks now–and I’m still processing… I hope my new friends from the Polarity Thinking Learning Community (PTLC) help contribute to my deep meaning from these incredible 2 days. AND … Continue reading

A Day of Wisdom with Peter Block & Ward Mailliard

Peter Block with new friends Jillian Hacker, Kim Popa, Max Raphael (Pones inc.)

    My reflections on this incredible day.   Just like the ebb and flow of a stream of consciousness, my thoughts & reflections will continue to seep in. Don’t be alarmed to see this post continually updated. In fact, … Continue reading

Micro-Targeting, Meta-Narratives, & Framing…oh MY!

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   I think that this is a TIMELY piece–since we are all going to hear contested messages & weaved narratives in the next 90 days.  With the election being neck and neck, we’re going to see the election decided by … Continue reading

Empathy First…Influence Next

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How often have you heard this?  “Wow, that person just gets me. They’re good with people. They really know how to build rapport. They’re so responsive. We’re on the same wavelength!”  Who pops into your mind? Well, you’re describing someone … Continue reading

DISCOVERING others’ GIFTS: re-humanizing our communities

CoreChange Day 2

Did over 500 people just open their eyes? Did Core Change Cincinnati just facilitate the collective BLINK of new possibilities? This past weekend, about 500 citizens came together to reinvent the new American city for Cincinnati. Acting as a recorder … Continue reading

Organization Development Series Part 3 – The DOJO of Organizing


The DOJO of Organizing: Five Practices of the Empowered Shift The Place of TAO Traditionally, we think of a Dojo as a training hall for the practice of martial arts. I want to expand this notion, beyond the sense of … Continue reading

Organization Development Series Part 2 – The SHIH of Organizing


The SHIH of Organizing   “Shih, a position of potential force—the position of a boulder perched precariously on a hilltop, say, or of a bowstring stretched taut. A tap on the boulder, the release of the bowstring, and potential force … Continue reading