The Power of Both/And thinking

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I think the power of polarity maps–when worked through well–is that it gives people more choices. It gets them unstuck. Seeing the whole picture helps people be more intentional and empowered.

A review of my work with a client who I helped with a polarity map…

“Creating a polarity map with the help of Rex Lai was very eye-opening. The two sides I chose were Integrated thinking vs Compartmentalized thinking. It helped me to explore the whole spectrum – both positive and negative – of these two ways of thinking and perceiving the world and it gave me a personal framework for evaluating where I am. Rather than reject one or the other, in myself or others, I am able to appreciate both perspectives and use them at the appropriate times.”
– Claudia Y.

I think you would like to read the following article that is relevant to this conversation on polarity thinking…

Excerpts from Are You a Holistic or a Specific Thinker?

“In a specific culture, people usually respond well to receiving very detailed and segmented information about what is expected of each of them. If you need to give instructions to a team member from this kind of culture, focus on what that person needs to accomplish and when. Conversely, if you need to motivate, manage, or persuade someone from a holistic culture, spend time explaining the big picture and how all the pieces slot together.”

“If you are leading a global team, this type of cognitive diversity can cause confusion, inefficiency, and general frustration. But we’ve known for a long time that the more diverse the team, the greater the potential for innovation. If you understand that one person sees a fish and another sees an aquarium, and you think carefully about the benefits of both the specific and holistic approach, you can learn to turn these cultural differences into your team’s greatest assets.”

>> Read Are You a Holistic or a Specific Thinker? by Erin Meyer from the Harvard Business Review

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