7 Touchstones That Make Up My New EBook – Journeys of Discovery


Journeys of Discovery is my new e-book comprised of 78 exercises–or what I call “Quests.” A quest is purposeful play based off of asset based community development (ABCD) principles.  Each quest has particular qualities that it embodies–touchstones. The book is for … Continue reading

Polarity Thinking: New Study Shows a Correlation Between Tightness & Looseness and If a State is Red or Blue

political polarity

I recently read the article How “tightness” vs “looseness” explains the U.S. political map by Chris Cillizza. It’s a very interesting article that parallels concepts that mirror polarity thinking. Polarity thinkers have a maxim about “finding the genius of Both/And and moving … Continue reading

Wisdom and Laughter: notable quotes from Peter Block

Peter Block Wisdom and Laughter

  This past Saturday (May 31, 2014), we gathered in community for another all-day intensive learning session with Peter Block. A lot of the old regular folks from A Small Group (ASG) showed up, but we were blessed to have … Continue reading

PLAY – One of the 7 Touchstones of Rex’s New Book Journeys of Discovery. Listen to Rex Explain the Play Principle and Learn More About the Book!

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The 7 Touchstones of Journeys of Discovery are… Play Stories Discovery Empathy Art Connections Gifts Rex Speaks About The 7 Touchstones of Journeys of Discovery…   Journeys of Discovery is a PlayGuide for: making Connections fostering Creativity experiencing Community Journe(s of … Continue reading

eBook Now Available: Journey(s) of Discovery – A PlayGuide for Connecting, Creativity, Community

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Journey(s) of Discovery is a PlayGuide with 78 interactive games for those who want to explore their community with new, appreciative eyes through games and creative play. It’s been a labor of love for the last 9 months and I’m … Continue reading

Don’t Miss the Inclusion Conference with Starfire on August 27th-29th

Starfire 3 Day

Starfire is an incredible organization building inclusive communities in Cincinnati.   I have had the privilege of working with them this year on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) and design thinking principles.   Please join me at this 3 day … Continue reading

E-book Coming Soon!: Journey(s) of Discovery

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I’m excited to introduce a PlayGuide for those that want to explore their community with new, appreciative eyes…but through games and creative play. Jounrey(s) of Discovery is a PlayGuide for: making Connections fostering Creativity experiencing Community This is the first … Continue reading

Asset-Based approach to building organizations

Asset Based Approach - Cover

Asset-Based approach to building organizations   Some new thoughts based off of my collaboration with communities and organizations…..   The few basic premises that form the foundational principles are: Communities/Organizations can do more by having an ASSETS-based approach rather than … Continue reading

The Genius of BOTH/AND Thinking (Polarity Thinking learning community)

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This will be my REFLECTION JOURNEY. It’s been a couple of weeks now–and I’m still processing… I hope my new friends from the Polarity Thinking Learning Community (PTLC) help contribute to my deep meaning from these incredible 2 days. AND … Continue reading

A Day of Wisdom with Peter Block & Ward Mailliard

Peter Block with new friends Jillian Hacker, Kim Popa, Max Raphael (Pones inc.)

    My reflections on this incredible day.   Just like the ebb and flow of a stream of consciousness, my thoughts & reflections will continue to seep in. Don’t be alarmed to see this post continually updated. In fact, … Continue reading