Design by Removal creates Innovation (a great lesson Labor can learn)

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Oftentimes, we ask ourselves “What aren’t we doing? Why aren’t we getting the outcomes we want?” Well, here’s another approach… I now ask myself, “ok…is there one less thing I can do?” This sounds like blasphemy for DOERS. But maybe … Continue reading

The Power of Both/And thinking

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I think the power of polarity maps–when worked through well–is that it gives people more choices. It gets them unstuck. Seeing the whole picture helps people be more intentional and empowered. A review of my work with a client who … Continue reading

7 Touchstones That Make Up My New EBook – Journeys of Discovery


Journeys of Discovery is my new e-book comprised of 78 exercises–or what I call “Quests.” A quest is purposeful play based off of asset based community development (ABCD) principles.  Each quest has particular qualities that it embodies–touchstones. The book is for … Continue reading

Wisdom and Laughter: notable quotes from Peter Block

Peter Block Wisdom and Laughter

  This past Saturday (May 31, 2014), we gathered in community for another all-day intensive learning session with Peter Block. A lot of the old regular folks from A Small Group (ASG) showed up, but we were blessed to have … Continue reading

6 Conversations that Matter (Peter Block)

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   6 Conversations that Matter™ (Peter Block’s leadership language in action)    Power of Narrative Empire Peter wove in the work of scripture scholar Dr. Walter Brueggman around the archetypal narrative of the Pharoah.  Modern day society resembles the form … Continue reading