Theoretical & Applied Organizing (TAO)

Deepening successful organizing through practice, resonating messages, and change techniques


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Theoretical & Applied Organizing (TAO) Principles Can Help If You… 

  1. Have problems mobilizing and motivating people in your campaign? The TAO process will help your campaign generate more creative activities and smarter, more effective tactics because the TAO process is steeped in modern, cutting edge change applications.
  2. Have a difficult time crafting a strategic message that works? The TAO process uses deeper message techniques that resonate with each individual.  The TAO process can also utilize broader message tactics that reach groups, organizations, and communities.
  3. Want to train and build a talented team that continues to win campaigns? The TAO process helps you learn general techniques to build the capacity for the overall organization from members to volunteers to staff and to leadership teams.
  4. Want to win over other rivals? Learn the methodology that puts it all together from nuts-and-bolt tactics to a full blown strategy.
  5. Need help crafting messages to your unique region, industry, or workforce? The TAO process can be customized to any facet of a campaign no matter how big or small.

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