Community Engagement

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)

Developed by John McKnight & John Kretzman

Unleashing the Power of our Communities

  • Abundance over Scarcity mindset
  • Gifts Discovery & Exchange over Deficiencies
  • Mapping out Assets dormant in a community
  • Strategic Outreach: Hospitality & Invitation techniques

Deliberative Democracy & Dialogue movement

Source: Dr. Martin Caracasson

New ways of engaging into the 21st Century

  • Beyond Government to Citizen Governance
  • Turning Walls into Bridges of Understanding
  • Building intra-cultural competencies
  • Community problem solving: effective conflict resolution

Complex, Large Scale, Systems Change

AmericaSpeaks Townhall, Chicago, IL 2010

Our Budget, Our Nation

  • Design & Facilitation of Large Group Events
  • Building Commitment with Multiple Stakeholder Groups
  • Sustaining Long Term Change
  • Innovation & Creativity through Café Style Chats

Building CQ

(Civic Intelligence)

Participation techniques for high impact meetings

  • 6 Conversations that Matter (Peter Block)
  • Managing the INDEPENDENCE—INCLUSION dynamic
  • Small Group = unit of Transformation
  • Divergent thinking – Emergent Ah-Ha’s – Convergent commitment



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