Polarity Thinking: New Study Shows a Correlation Between Tightness & Looseness and If a State is Red or Blue

political polarityI recently read the article How “tightness” vs “looseness” explains the U.S. political map by Chris Cillizza. It’s a very interesting article that parallels concepts that mirror polarity thinking. Polarity thinkers have a maxim about “finding the genius of Both/And and moving away from the tyranny of Either/Or”.  This article reminds of the dynamics I experience around “the freedom of expression” and the “freedom of association.”

Excerpts and Main Points from the article…

Tightness vs. Looseness – In the study, ‘tight’ was defined by state who has many strongly enforced rules and little tolerance for deviance versus ‘loose’ states who have few strongly enforced rules and a greater tolerance for deviance.”

Excerpt – “While it’s not exact, the tightest states tend to be the most solidly conservative/Republican voting and are largely clumped in the South and Southwest. The study’s authors note that while “tightness” and conservatism are linked, they are not one in the same. And, there are states — particularly in the western half of the United States — that are quite conservative politically but on the “looser” end of the spectrum.”

Full Study – Tightness–looseness across the 50 united states  by Jesse R. Harrington and Michele J. Gelfand, Department of Psychology, University of Maryland

Map courtesy of University of Maryland - Click to View Larger

Map courtesy of University of Maryland – Click to View Larger

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