Micro-Targeting, Meta-Narratives, & Framing…oh MY!


I think that this is a TIMELY piece–since we are all going to hear contested messages & weaved narratives in the next 90 days.  With the election being neck and neck, we’re going to see the election decided by a select few states. Whether it’s a swing state or a battleground state, what is the larger story. What are the values being debated. What are the core concepts and principles that people live by?

That’s what makes this a TIMELESS piece also.  What is our historical story? Where did we come from? How did we get here? Where are we going?

The following video will explain…

  1. 2 new books that delineate regional cultures through a governing narrative (Meta-Narratives)
  2. Framing alignment techniques that help create a resonant message, compelling narrative, and a strong call to action
  3. Offer to help shape meaning to your community & the region you are working/living

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