Gifts-mining at Starfire

People have probably heard of the concept of data-mining–the practice of inventorying particular defined indicators for an intended purpose. Well, identifying Gifts is not just a feel-good thing to do. Gifts-mining is the intentional and structured way of discovering what people are good at…to be utilized for the greater good in a community.


It’s not just polly-anish…it’s a responsibility.


We practiced the intentional discovery of gifts with each other. While the staff regularly seeks out the gifts in individuals, we rarely do the same with each other. It was refreshing to get to know each other a little bit better using the 3 Gifts framework.


Gifts of the Heart, Head, and Hands overlaid with the TIPS method

Gifts of the Heart, Head, and Hands overlaid with the TIPS method


 3 Gifts framework compared with the TIPS framework:


TIPS is a mnemonic device that supplements the 3 gifts framework.  TIPS started to become popularized after the publication of the Abundant Community.


Teachable – what are the things that you would love showing someone else? what do you like to share?

Interests – what topics do you like talking about? what are these things that you can’t get enough of learning about?

Passions – what do you deeply care about? what animates you? what are these things that drive you?

Skills – what do you  like to do? what can you show someone else through example?


Gifts of the Heart – personality/character  traits & wisdom experience

Gifts of the Head – knowledge, expertise, & know-how experience

Gifts of the Hands – skills & competencies

 Starfire’s main room

group shot 

Physical space can facilitate meaningful conversations. There is lots of wall space augmented by the natural light.  This is one of my favorite spaces to facilitate in.  Social architecture matters!

We all know the famous maxim–form follows function. This is true most of the time–but not always.

Sometimes, the FORM in how we convene actually helps the FUNCTION of what we’re trying to achieve.

Starfire is a person-centered organization focusing on building inclusive lives and communities.

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Breaking through humility



 “What are my gifts? What am I good at?”



Discovering each others’ gifts through small group conversation




 Gifts Map




Giving gifts to each other





Gifts are not Gifts until they are freely Given and Received