eBook Now Available: Journey(s) of Discovery – A PlayGuide for Connecting, Creativity, Community

Journey(s) of Discovery

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Journey(s) of Discovery is a PlayGuide with 78 interactive games for those who want to explore their community with new, appreciative eyes through games and creative play. It’s been a labor of love for the last 9 months and I’m so grateful for those who have contributed in some way to help me complete this eBook!

Journey(s) of Discovery is a PlayGuide for:

  • making Connections
  • fostering Creativity
  • experiencing Community

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This is the first ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) play guide that I’ve developed. As a fellow with the ABCD Center, I learned that Play is a graceful entry point to learning and discovery.

This book is based on ABCD principles. There are 78 unique games that I call “Quests” that are are essentially creative games to play in community.

They combine…

  • 5 senses + movement,
  • 5 valued experiences,
  • 3 gifts of the head, heart, hands
  • 5 typical resources in an Asset Map

There are 78 unique quests to journey into a neighborhood. Each quest is all about discovering the best in ourselves and in others.


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