6 Conversations that Matter (Peter Block)


 6 Conversations that Matter

(Peter Block’s leadership language in action)


Peter Block & Rex Lai pow-wow

 Power of Narrative


Peter wove in the work of scripture scholar Dr. Walter Brueggman around the archetypal narrative of the Pharoah.  Modern day society resembles the form of the Pharoah–not as a singular tyrant–but as a SYSTEM that continues the colonizing mindset.

Whether it takes shape as a supreme court ruling that gives unlimited voice to the monied interests (modern day Pharoah as Corporate America), or to the influence industry that teaches our young that “Bigger is Better” (see At& T commercial).

Then the question is, what is the alternative to that? What can we create…knowing that we are part (maybe even COLLUDING) of this system.



Abundance-mindset replacing Scarcity-mindset

How do we pay attention to the gifts in individuals …. rather than the deficiencies?

How do we see a community and search out the ASSETS rather than the needs?

How do swim in a BLUE ocean … rather than a RED ocean?

How do we encounter a competitor and seek out a potential collaborator?


Guidelines or Groundrules by any other name…


Cafe Etiquette – World Cafe has a whole philosophy around having meaningful and creative conversations based on the relaxing format of a cafe. As a result, they’ve developed a list of suggestions that form the antecedents for successful conversations.


Neighborly Protocol – This is the language that Peter Block and John McKnight adopt. As always, these are suggestions to guide–not strict rules to follow. From their years of experience, these are the wise touchstones that make for connecting conversations.


Avril Orloff — outstanding graphic facilitator — did this visual representation of ASG’s Neighborly Protocols:

Peter Block - ASG guidelines

 PeterBlock - avril drawing

  Graphic Facilitator: CLICK HERE to see more of Avril’s work


 6 Conversations that Matter

(Peter Block’s leadership language in action)

Visual Representation


If you are interested in downloading Peter Block’s Civic Engagement series which goes into detail about the 6 Conversations that Matter, then CLICK HERE.

(It is a FREE 41 page PDF download.)


I have a 15 page visual powerpoint slide that I am making available to folks. Just CLICK HERE.



“Words reveal our Worldviews…

0ur Worldviews reveal how WE act on the World…….

therefore, Words create Worlds.”


 Exploring the Freedom AND Equality dynamic:

2012-11-10 00.55.09

Cliff Kayser (along with Russ Gaskin) introduces a Polarity Map around the national discourse of the 2012 election


Birds of a Feather…Flock Together




 — Muhammad Ali


Diane Fishbein led us through an incredible exercise in creating our own clay birds. In each of our birds is a written note on offerings we want to give to the world. As you can see, each bird was an incredibly unique and meaningful manifestation of ourselves.

2012-11-10 01.15.55


We ended with a wonderful ceremony–making our offering to the world (via the Little Miami River). Here’s the video: